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The FuturePlayer is a combination of hardware and software to play MP3 songs with the CPC. The bitrate can be up to 128 kbps (or maybe more, it was never tried). It's the first ever MP3 player for the Amstrad CPC.

The MP3 data is directly streamed to the FuturePlayer via the printer port of the CPC. The printer port must have 8 bit, so you can use a CPC Plus or an CPC old generation with a 8 bit printer port patch. Both are supported by FutureOS, which is a prerequisite to use the software.

  • The hardware part consists of a peripheral card which is connected to the printer port of the CPC or CPCPlus and to a stereo amplifier. It was originally developped by Dr.Zed for his CP/M computer. TFM got in contact with Dr. Zed and both decided to create the FuturePlayer. Dr.Zed build the MP3 card itself for the CPC. And TFM wrote the software for the CPC.
  • The software is an application for FutureOS which plays MP3 songs and WAV files. For playing .WAV files the CPC Digiblaster is needed. For playing .MP3-Files the FuturePlayer card is needed (see before). MP3 files can be stored on hard disc (up to 5 MB on HD-20) or on floppy disc.

The FuturePlayer-MP3 expanson card was first shown 2004 at the COM-II meeting in Frankfurt am Main. At the moment it can not be bought from Dr. Zed or in Stores. But you can contact him.