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A HxC Floppy Emulator USB version Guide.

You may also want to see the HxC SDCard Internal installation page.


Just plug in the board normally using the usb-cable and windows (Vista 64 bit) will launch update and download and install the right drivers (also drivers are available at the site, see links).

The software

Better get the latest emulator software from the site (see links). Just un-zip the software to where you want it and run the executable to launch the Emulator.


The board is powered by the usb cable.

Setting up

1. Make sure power is off on the pc.
2. On the cpc side plug it in as you would with a external drive. Note that amstrad ribbon cables can be a bit hard fitting into the emulator board socket. But being a bit gentle it fits ok. Also note that you may need to fit it "udside down" of what is suggested.
3. Plug in the usb cable and launch the emulator. Set option to DF1 (assuming you are using the emulator externally as a second drive).
4. If you have a DDI also turn it on.
5. Finally turn on the amstrad.

General use

1. Click on the big "load" button and select your DSK file.
2. Better insert a 3" in any other drive you may have.
3. Use |B to switch to B drive.
4. Have fun.


Q: I tried using CAT or |B but the whole thing is kinda frozen, also all 4 light are on and I can see that the tracks keep changing in the pc emulator?
A: You probably have the ribbon cable in reverse. Turn everything off and plug the ribbon in again in reverse.
Q: I used |B but now Im getting a read error/disc missing?
A: Did you forget to put a 3" floppy in the other drive?


HxC Official Homepage: