Mushroom Demo

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The demo was made at the G.o.St.-SOFT Meeting 1 in July 1995 in Oldenburg, Germany.

It contains three parts.

Ythcal painted one of the mushrooms of part 2 using G-Paint at the meeting when Dreamer saw this and said he made an animation with mushrooms (part 1 of the demo) earlier. They decided to make a little meeting demo with mushrooms as theme. Part 2 and 3 got some music by Ythcal using Soundtrakker; it was his first contact with this software. Collapse made the font of part 2 for this demo. Part three got graphics by Ythcal, while Dreamer had the idea and made the animation.

The demo was finished within two days (part 1 was finished before already).



  • The first part has no sound but a little animation of two mushrooms speaking to each other.
  • This second part has the title screen with a scroller and two pictures of mushrooms playing with their German names.
  • The third part again is a little animation.