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Prodatron Megademo menu part

Prodatron Megademo was written in summer 1992 by Prodatron while he was a member of the international demo group BENG!. It was was one of the biggest one-man demo productions on CPC and contains intro-, menu-, turndisc- and copy-part, six main-parts and two cheat-parts.




  • Intro: The Intro contains a ghostwriter and two moving BENG!-logos. The best was the great music, which has been ripped from the Atari ST. The sounds contain smashing digi-drums. Unfortunately only after the release Prodatron was informed, that these Atari ST sounds had been ripped by Fefesse for Logon System, so there are no ripper credits.
  • Loader: A loader screen appears between every part. It lists the credits for the next part.
  • Menu: The menu part contains zooming 3D-numbers.
  • Constellation: The constellation-part shows sinus-scroller and lissajous-figures. It is the only part in the megademo, that is based purely on software-effects.
  • Hurly Burly: The Hurly-Burly-Party contains a large amount of scrollers.
  • Matchwood: Some moving balls, a hardscroll and a sinus-ghostwriter.
  • Game!: [...]
  • Rasterball: [...]
  • Vector Smasher: The Vector-Smasher Part contains 3D-equalizers. Very long scroll texts from different BENG! members. Contains also a small questionary-game.
  • Turn disc: The two turn-disc parts with Atari ST sounds and six moving 3"-discs.
  • Copy part: The megademo hasn't a special filesystem but copyparts where IN, so this megademo needed one, too. A little copytool with music.
  • Cheat part: [...]
  • Star-Tracker: This part was just a joke, but many people believed it. Surprisingly a Digitracker became reality one year later.

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