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Quantum Computing was a software and hardware firm run by The Lawnmower Man (Danny Heatley), Akira (Matt Gullam) and Executioner (Richard Wilson). Based in Pontardawe, South Wales, it was a splinter company from STS Software.

Quantum had some innovative products, principally the ParaDOS disc operating system. However, it acquired a very poor reputation for customer service and fulfilling orders. According to the Executioner, on comp.sys.amstrad.8bit:

Quantum consisted of Danny Heatley (doing the marketing etc) and myself (doing the development). Unfortunately Danny just happened to be one of the biggest con men I've ever dealt with, and would take orders, spend the money and not forward the product on to the customer.

It seems likely that Quantum's bad reputation was exaggerated by Amstrad Action, which had for many years taken advertising from Microstyle - which was at least as bad as fulfilling orders - without printing any adverse comments. Nonetheless, some customers were certainly left without goods they had paid for. ParaDOS was eventually sold by ComSoft.

Quantum was informally known as 'Quantum Copmuting', and Danny as 'Daniel Heapley', after AA misspellings.


  • ParaDOS
  • 3.5in disc drives
  • Abracadabra disc drive switch