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Akira (Matt Gullam) was a British CPC user, PD librarian and fanzine editor.

Based in Cornwall, he founded Presto PD, which as its name suggested, prided itself on quick delivery times. This spawned an A5 paper fanzine, Presto News. On getting to know various members of the STS group, he moved to South Wales and became a co-founder of Quantum Computing.

In time he gave up Presto PD, although there was talk of relaunching it as the companion PD library to Quantum Computing under the name PDQ. It was eventually passed onto Brian Key and was known as Presto 2, but with comparatively little success. Presto News was intended to become the disczine Grace Under Pressure, which finally saw release as BTL; Matt was one of the co-editors (with Hangman and ChaRleyTroniC).

Both 'Presto' and 'Grace Under Pressure' were songs by the Canadian rock band Rush, Matt's favourite.