RSX Routines From Magazines

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Back in the Good old days of Programs you could type in from Magazines, came a whole range of BASIC programs with Machine Code loaders. A lot of those programs came with a series of Resident System eXtension (RSX), which were accessible from BASIC via the Pipe Command (Shift + @). Programs varied a lot, from Specific Tool developed to carry out a particular operation, to whole Libraries designed to Aid Programmers with their Programming projects. Because there's so many of these programs this list is by no means complete, please feel free to add any relevant programs (try to keep it Alphabetical, I'm using the name used by Magazine, Numbered programs can go first).

Name Author Magazine /
Month & Year
Requirements # of
128k Memory Swapper Alistair Young Amstrad Action /
Nov 1989
128k 2 MSAVE
Bankswop N Little Amstrad Action /
Jul 1990
128k 1 BANK,<numeric expression>
Bigprint R Tweedie Amstrad Action /
Jun 1990
1 BIGPRINT,<x co-ordinate>,<y co-ordinate>,<string expression>,<ink 1>,<ink 2>
De-protect Adrian Forbes Amstrad Action /
Feb 1990
1 DP,<filename>
Eval Seg Gorham Amstrad Action /
Dec 1989
464 only 1 EVAL,<string expression>
Exuser Adrian Pay Amstrad Action /
Mar 1990
AMSDOS 1 PUSER,<integer expression>
Header Reader Mike Beckett Amstrad Action /
Oct 1990
1 HR,<string expression>
Maxi-RAM Graeme Rowles Amstrad Action /
Aug 1990
464 only 18 Click Link
Magic Simon Payne Amstrad Action /
Oct 1988
1 MAGIC,<numeric expression>,<numeric expression>
Memdump Mike Wong Amstrad Action /
Apr 1990
Multi-coloured modes TA Shah Amstrad Action /
Feb 1987
5 ON
MODE,<numeric expression>
SIZE,<numeric expression>
Multi Prog J Longley Amstrad Action /
Oct 1988
5 INIT,<numeric expression,<address expression>
SELECT,<numeric expression>
DELETE,<numeric expression>
MultiRAM Andrew Price Amstrad Action /
Aug 1990
Multiface 2 2 MULT,<address expression>,<length expression>
Poke-It Graeme Rowles Amstrad Action /
Aug 1990
Push-pop George Lovell Amstrad Action /
Jun 1990
128k & 6128 only 2 PUSH,<numeric expression>
POP,<numeric expression>
Sprite Driver Sean McManus Amstrad Action /
Apr 1990
3 GRAB,<x co-ordinate>,<y co-ordinate>,<width>,<height>,<address expression>
SDEF,<sprite number>,<address expression>
SPRITE,<sprite number>,<x co-ordinate>,<y co-ordinate>
SuperBASIC George McIntosh Amstrad Action /
Dec 1989
27 Click Link
Ten-Bars Graeme Rowles Amstrad Action /
May 1990
10 Click Link
Window Saver David Lincoln Amstrad Action /
Feb 1987
2 W.SAVE,<left>,<right>,<top>,<bottom>,<address expression>
W.LOAD,<left>,<right>,<top>,<bottom>,<address expression>