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Soundhakker was a utility by The Equalizor of STS which automatically ripped music produced with Soundtrakker from any currently running program.

It was unusual in that it was one of only a few programs designed to run with the Multiface II. When the Multiface red button was pressed, Soundhakker would spring into action. It had its own command line interface.

The file would usually be saved as a standard .BIN file. But later versions included a Soundtrakker Decompiler, which would enable you to save the ripped music as an editable Soundtrakker .SNG file.

For a while, an upgraded version was available commercially as Soundhakker Pro. This was later released as PD.

A few disc fanzines altered the Soundtrakker 'signature' of their music to prevent detection by Soundhakker.