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Buying an Amstrad CPC in 1986 and after some first steps of programming in BASIC, Pascal Rohrbach started his search for contacts and other sharers in europe by cracking some games and ripping sounds out of games under different groups like ICO. After finding many share-contacts in lots of different countries in Europe (Germany, Spain, France, Greece, UK, Denmark….) and even 2 of them ([[Asterix]], [[TMP]]) in the same city (Biel/CH) he started to code demos in Z80/Assembler.
United with [[Asterix]] and [[TMP]] the idea was to create a demo with a special defiance challenge by only having 72 hours from the drawing/coding of the first pixel until its release, so the first of 3 named MC-Paddy-Demos was created in 1989. (MC = MachineCode)
After repeating this 3-day-event in 1990 by the release of [[MC-Paddy II]], the group called [[UNiX]] was created by Warlock, [[Asterix]] and [[TMP]]. By joining of the 2 graphic artists MiG & SKF from France and the 3 well known coders from Denmark [[NWC]], [[JLCS]] and [[Tyronesoft]] [[UNiX]] probably became one of the “strongest” groups after [[Logon System]], in nearly each demo they discovered a new effect or technique.