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'''Warlock''' was a game-cracker, sound-ripper, demo-coder, and one of the three swiss-founders of the demo-group called [[UNiX]]. Warlock was the Amstrad-pseudonym used by '''Pascal Rohrbach ''' born 1973 in Biel (CH).
== Biography ==
Warlock’s participation on the 2 euromeetings in Germany and France was his last active appearance on the Amstrad CPC scene.
After a break Pascal went on PC under the pseudonym of V3n0m (Venom) by playing different online-games like Quake (1996) or Unreal Tournament (1999) in European leagues with respectable results. He participated on different LAN-Partys and in 2002 after co-organizing an Event event for approximately 80 peoples in CH he quit the online-game-community.
== Demos ==
* [[MC-Paddy I]](1989)* [[MC-Paddy II]](1990)* [[MC-Paddy III]](1991)
* [[Unique]] (GFX)
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