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Sorry again for this stub... The fact is : was this "gryzor" page relating to the famous game, or to a famous scene member ? Maybe both... ---MacDeath. 2 oct 2009.

Ah yes, there should be a disambiguation redirect :D Gryzor 18:10, 21 January 2010 (UTC)

Gryzor said ...

A fantastic game, a fantastic arcade port, and this is a test comment.

--Gryzor 18:48, 21 January 2010 (CET)


Comments in article

The article contained the following comment:

"Note: The MSX version is a very respectable, modest port of Contra. It is NOT called Gryzor, it's actually CONTRA. So one can't compare that one to the CPC version. Second, this wiki doesn't need excessive amount of expressive and perceptive statements made by CPC fanboys. In other words, it doesn't need things like "Epic Fail" and "sweet CPC version". Whoever wrote that the MSX version of Contra is epic fail obviously uses little brains and instead flaunts his fanboy love for CPC. On a related note, what does have to say about the ZX Spectrum version?"

While there's merit to that (the article language should be more objective), Contra is, of course, the other name of Gryzor, and the MSX version is, of course, the same game more or less. And while gfx are better defined and sound is probably better, it's still not as good a game as the CPC version... Gryzor 20:21, 24 October 2010 (CEST)

"uses little brains and instead flaunts his fanboy love for CPC."of course, what else would you expect in a CPC-wiki. I edited a bit the page anyway to explain this perhaps betterly (I hope)--MacDeath 08:53, 23 May 2012 (UTC)

Some Changes

Wow, I was still quite a dick back in the day... Still, I don't understand the justifications for much of the content of this article. The fact is, whether the port is "better" than another is subjective. You can say that due to the accuracy of the CPC version, as well superior visuals, it can be considered overall the superior port of Gryzor. Whether the CPC port is better than the MSX port is not a matter of fact; it's pure subjectivity.

To MacDeath: Of course this is the CPC Wiki; but would it hurt to cut down on the bias and use more objectivity? Praising a product on the CPC Wiki because it belongs to Amstrad CPC is actually a problem to the quality of the content.

Without further judging the attitude of the members, let me discuss the content of this article that needs fixing (and it more than likely applies to several articles on this wiki):

-It would be of better value to point out how CPC Gryzor is more a direct port of of the arcade Gryzor, instead of Contra. Though both are mostly the same, there is one distinct difference between Contra and Gryzor on arcade.

-Contra only had 3 main names: Contra, Gryzor and Probotector. To say that it was renamed from country to country and system to system is quite exaggerated.

-Contrary to popular belief, Contra wasn't renamed due to the Iran Contra Scandal, nor the Nicaraguan Contra rebels. Proof of this is the fact that at least 2 of the tunes from arcade Contra and Super Contra directly refer to these incidents/terms.

-Contra is not actively exploited by Konami, nor has it been exploited by Konami in a long time (at least not in a positive way). Konami has not made any Contra game in almost 10 years. The closest thing they did was publish Contra games that were developed by other companies.

-Referring to this port as the best is pretty biased; that's not good for the quality/credibility of the article (and in extension, the wiki). It also isn't helpful when it reads that CPC fans consider it the best. Likewise, any other system's community can claim their own port as the best. It isn't being informative as much as it is being a review; that's not something I figure would go on a wiki. However, as I said before, you can describe its striking features that make it superior to the other ports.

-Once again, calling the game superior compared to other ports is biased, and quite arrogant.

-There is no place for the paragraph describing the MSX port as this article is about CPC Gryzor. Also, that paragraph is highly inaccurate. That "Japanese company" the paragraph is referring to is Konami themselves. MSX Contra was never released in the West, only Japan. Also, Contra was never called Gryzor anywhere except Europe. The last line makes no sense.

-Overall, it's quite moot comparing this port to every possible computer port out of Contra (or Gryzor) out there. It's best to focus on describing the game itself and, at best, minimally comparing it to the other 2 computer ports that Ocean developed.

-The article is otherwise full of spelling/grammatical errors.

The only reason I'm not fixing any of this is because it will likely be reverted by others. I'm waiting for your say on this. -Mgman