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Obvious Troll at every Amstrad related forums or parties he can get to.

Still possess his good old CPC6128 Qwerty from 1985-86.

Once found a 6128PLUS and a CPC6128 at the municipal wastes, despite those being in (almost) perfect state. This motivated a renewed CPC passion.

Sometimes pretends to create or just recolour some CPC graphics with a modern PC.

Went on a crusade to expose Speccy Ports (redesigns, levels maps, mock ups and spams in forums) as a personal revenge from the day he purchased Black Tiger or when a "friend" laughed as R-Type was so better on his Speccy +2... Bastard bitch !

Is trying to contribute to the CPCwiki and Amstrad scene in general, despite often badly.


Actual owner of :

  • 2-3 Amstrad 6128Plus.
  • 2-3 Amstrad CPC6128.
  • MP-2F Scart adaptator and various monitors, modern expansion cards and so on.
  • Thomson TO8 + Disk Drive + Monitor.
  • Er, also a Spectrum +2... well it is an Amstrad too, sort of...
  • Various Atari ST/STE, Amiga500, Amiga600 and stuff like that.

Actual Productions


Rick Dangerous 128+ the double anniversary edition. In Game tiles and sprites corrections.


Chaos skin for Color Lines.


The Drive Belt Exorcism Ritual Graphic composition for the Amstrad PLUS, 192x272x16 mode 0 resolution. Ranked #4 at the ReSet#8 demoparty

MacDeath Compo wide.png

Link to download the DSK

2012 - 2013

Sprites graphics for Cyber Huhn akaCyber Chicken or "L'Attaque des Poulets Cybernétiques Mutants de l'Espace Intersidérale".



Death Sword CPC6128 hack project of Barbarian (Palace Software).

Updated Drax and Marianna, extra graphics and boobs.

Maria 2.png


Bubbles Of The Mind Fullscreen (somewhat) Mode1 graphic page produced and released at ReSet#20. Ranked 5th.

Bubbles of the Mind.png


Around 2014 : Designed a set of icons for FutureOS in Mode2 and somewhat helped in some clarity improvements. They were implemented as extra graphic pack. Also helped a bit with the User Manual to have it converted in pdf.

Futuros logo2.png

Powerdesktop settings complete test 1.png

Twitch Live and Youtube Channel

Performs some Lives via Twitch then Youtube at chatroom.

Parties attended

Mocking the world up

  • PacMania mock-up

Recolored pacmania1.png

  • Black Tiger Mock Up...seriously, not that hard to get a CPC 2009...

Black tiger redone 11 CPC mode1.png

  • unreleased work on Mode1 R-Type.

Level2 plus.bmp