Amstrad Action February 1991 Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the February 1991 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • Ladders (Isabelle Chamot) NB 6128 only
  • Disc Archiver (Andy Price)
  • Graphics Display I (Edward Major) NB 6128 only
  • Function (Gary Cousins)


  • Function defines several functions onto shortcut keys:

[CTRL]+[COPY] Dumps screen to printer [SHIFT] Stops dump . Lists current program to printer 0 Swap to mode 0 1 Swap to mode 1 2 Swap to mode 2 3 Clears variables, resets data 4 Saves current screen to tape 5 Loads screen from tape 6 Lists current program to screen 7 Copies current screen to memory 8 Replaces copied screen 9 Runs current program

  • Graphics Display I was originally 6128 only; the original version is saved as "Graphic6.bas" and a version that should work on 464/664 called "Graphics.bas" is included.
  • Space Hockey was the final type in, however this was revealed to be a rip-off of AA42's Space Hockey Type in as the original author David Hay wrote in to AA the following month, therefore the type in is not included on this page.