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The file below is the PCB Layout for a standard plus cartridge with

a few minor changes:

- No LKs are bridged by default

- LKs use standard PCB jumpers for quick swapping

- All vias are done at component pins to reduce drilling and soldering

Building the Cartridge

The PCB dimensions are identical to an original cartridge and will fit in the original housing. The PCB used should be 1.5mm thick with double-sided 35µm copper.

Components should be mounted on the side with the ground plain. The capacitor is 100nf.

The Layout file is as always mirror imaged.

Setting the LK's

EPROM Pins Capacity LK Settings Description
27C256 28 32K LK3 + LK5 A15=VCC=High + A17=VCC=Supply
27C512 28 64K LK3 + LK6 A15=A15=Addressed + A17=VCC=Supply
27C1001 32 128K LK1 + LK6 A15=A15=Address + A18=VCC=/PGM
27C2001 32 256K LK1, LK4 + LK6 A15=A15=Address, A17=A17=Address + A18=VCC=/PGM
27C4001 32 512K LK2, LK4 + LK6 A15=A15=Address), A17=A17=Address + A18=A18=Address


This cartridge enable you develop original software and get the full use of 512K ROMs.

If you want to put four existing 128k games on a single Cartridge check the Multi Cartridge page instead.


File:Cartridge Layout.pdf - PCB Track Layout