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Data PD was run between 1990 and 1992 by Tony Kingsmill, and was generally believed to be reliable though not the cheapest of libraries. Data PD featured around 70 disks of software by 1992 with a strong emphasis on text adventures, although all types of software were available. The library featured a monthly paper newsletter which users could obtain by sending a stamped addressed envelope.

This eventually became disc based providing a catalogue and news.

Although it enjoyed good relations with others libraries, Data PD generally had little involvement with other librarians. Data PD featured a number of times in Amstrad Computer User and Amstrad Action. For a time an autonomous cassette branch of the library was run by David Nagle.

The library was eventually closed due to other commitments.

Some titles originating from Data PD are available for download on Tony's website There's also some on-going Amstrad NC programs to be found here and on NCUS.