Inicron ROM-RAM-Box

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Inicron's ROM-RAM-Box is a external device connected to the expansion port(with pass-trough), that provides 512 KB Pseudo-ROM.

Technical specs.

Inicron produced 128 KB and 512 KB ROM-RAM-Boxes. Both used S-RAM to simulate ROMs. The S-RAM is buffered by an accumulator, that is charged by the CPC. The contents of the Pseudo-ROMs remains stable for about one year.



Inicron delivered the RRB with the Softbrenner Tool. This ROM based software is window driven and allows to manage the RRB. It is even able to convert BASIC or Binary programs to ROMs.

Autoinstaller for the Softbrenner ROM:

The automatic installer of FutureOS also supports the ROM-RAM-Box.


  • Booster ROM (Automatically initialises ROMs 16 to 31 when installed in position 15)