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In-game screenshot

Logistic was a shareware puzzle game created by Fraggle of MOPS. Each game consisted of three rounds played on a 6x6 grid by two players (one of which could be the computer). Players placed coins on each square. You could stack up to four coins on a square: when you put a fifth coin down, the stack exploded, putting one coin each on the four squares around the current one. Any of the opponent's squares in the vicinity would be covered, and therefore "captured". They would change colour accordingly.

It was possible to cause chain reactions by creating stacks of four and three coins, and then placing a fifth coin on one of the stacks causing the explosion. These chain reactions could also make use of four-coin stacks belonging to the opponent.

As a result, each game - particularly games played against the computer - generally had two phases: the first involved creating the various stacks; and the second involved each side setting off various chain reactions.

The game was won if

  • A player ran out of coins, in which case the winner was the person with the most coins on the table
  • One player captured all of their opponent's coins, and there was no empty square on which any new coins could be placed.

The game was included on a cover-tape with one of the last issues of Amstrad Action