Amstrad/Schneider DMP2000 Printer

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Amstrad's second printer, the successor to the DMP1 printer.

General Specifications

For (detailed) general information about Amstrad/Scheider printers, see:

DMP4000 Mechanics.jpg

The built-in font

The font is stored so that each byte is a column of the character. And stored so that the rom is read in incrementing order in order to draw the char.


Riteman Plus

There are (at least some) relations to Riteman+ plus printers:

  • The DMP2000 accepts Riteman ribbon cassettes
  • The shape of the case of DMP2xxx/DMP3xxxx series does resemble the Riteman models (although it isn't identical; the front of the Ritemans has a short horizontal edge, then followed by what looks like as a steeper diagonal edge - look at the photos to see for yourself)
  • Unknown if the Riteman's internal PCB, mechanics, and Firmware do have relations to Amstrad models.
  • According to the ACU review: the DMP2000 is "based on" the "Riteman F".


Hardware Notes

The mainboard contains a uPD7811 CPU (marked "Amstrad 40036") with built-in 4K ROM, which contains reset/irq vectors and draft character set. Most of the actual program code and the NLQ character set are located in a separate 16K ROM/EPROM. The same mainboard (with additional ROM) is also used in DMP3000 models.



  • DMP2000 ROM Image (16K EPROM, not including the 4K ROM located inside of the CPU) (dumped from a spanish printer, but should be same for all countries)
  • DMP2000 ROM Image (Schneider) (16K EPROM, not including the 4K ROM located inside of the CPU)