Codename MAT II

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Codename MAT II
Developer Brian Jobling
Publisher Domark
Musician None
Release 1985
Platform(s) CPC, ZX Spectrum
Genre Shoot-em-up
Game Modes 1 Player
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Media disk Cassette
Language Language:english

Following on from the success of the previous game in the series, Codename MAT II pushes a greater emphasis on to the strategy element that made the first game so popular with mixed results.

Inlay Text

The red planet Vesta contains the most precious lift-giving substance in the universe: Karillium. For many light years the inhabitants of the planet have peacefully mined and despatched Karillium to the free colonies of the Solar System, but now the evil Myons have returned to destroy Vesta and its Karillium mines. MAT is sent in his sophisticated fighting machine to defend the planet and its satellites from attack and restore law and order in space.

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CMII still received fairly good reports from the reviewers of the time. Amstrad Action were clearly impressed that Domark had improved the failings of Micromega's earlier game stating that "this is certainly an improvement on the original MAT, with better combat graphics and more ship functions. There still isn't much out there in space but this war of attrition is pretty testing"

Amtix bemoaned that the game was "not the fresh new idea that its predecessor was, in fact there are quite a lot of similarities between the two games... but the gameplay is pretty good. The player is under quite a lot of pressure, especially when the enemy numbers start to increase and you have to repair damage to your ship. Well worth buying if you are a space strategy shoot-em-up fan without Codename Mat the first."

AA: Issue 02 (Nov '85) Page 47-48 74%
Amtix: Issue 02 (Dec '85) Page 41 72%

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  • As with its predecessor, Codename MAT II was originally written by Derek Brewster. The game was converted to the CPC by a then 14 year-old Brian Jobling who would go on to form Zeppelin Games with Brewster.

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