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Pixel (David Carter) was a CPC artist, PD librarian, and member of the Conspiracy group. He lived in Woking (Surrey, UK), close to Ratz, Doc and Hangman.

His earliest work was a set of wireframe animations produced with The Animator from Discovery Software/Woolf Graphics. He then went on to create a series of MODE 1 slideshows ported from the Amiga (using a VIDI), which might have seemed pedestrian in later years but were very impressive at the time. They received glowing reviews in Amstrad Action and Artificial Intelligence.

He ran a PD library which, unusually, concentrated on quality rather than quantity. Originally named DPD, it was soon renamed Penguin Software.

Pixel suffered from diabetes. He suffered an epileptic seizure which lead to hypoglycaemia, and he died one night in the summer of 1993. The Conspiracy TV demo was completed and released by Doc as a tribute.