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Plus2CPC is an expansion board to add a Plus cartridge port to the standard CPC

Plus2cpc logo.jpg


  • Boots from cartridge
  • Maps ROMs with numbers 0..127 in the Plus way (Lower to slot 0, BASIC to slot 1, AMSDOS to slot 3)
  • Allows full operating system replacement
  • Compatible with C4CPC
  • Available in CPC expansion port and MX4 board formats
  • Reset button and enable switch (V4 and up)
  • Works on the Plus range as a secondary cartridge port, with priority over internal port

Not supported features

  • The Plus2CPC doesn't add the Plus extra features to the CPC, the software in cartridge must be CPC compatible
  • The Plus RMR2 memory mapping is not supported


Version Changes
v1 Prototype version
v2 Release candidate version
v3 First full featured, publicly available version
v4 Added reset button and enable switch


  • C4CPC menu compatible with standard CPC. Download
  • STL files for 3D printed enclosure. Download

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