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CRTC³ won the Alchimie 12 (2017) composition, ranked 1st Place and winning over Eerie Forest (a GX4000 mega-intro from fellow Overflow) and prods on Atari STf and Amiga formats.

This Demo actually sets expectation on all the next Demos on Amstrad PLUS format and established the power of the ROM cartridge and the interest of C4CPC.


Groups : Flower Corp. Futur's X-Men Resistance

Roudoudou : Main code, graphics.

Zik : code, music.

CoyHot : graphics.

fra : graphics.

Hwikaa : 3D and Graphics

Zisquier : Electric Guitar samples


Amstrad 6128+ cartridge demo - Ranked 1st at Alchimie12 - 2017

Best to be seen on a real amstrad 6128PLUS, it needs a built-in 128k config, hence modified 464PLUS motherboards may work as well but stock 464PLUS or GX4000 cannot run it. When initialising machine, a test is done for memory expansion compatibility and IM2 bug support. This will guarantee a proper execution of the demo and display a message with almost all emulators, warning about proper support, as the SID sound replay is awfull with all emulators (except ACE).

This Demo clearly needs you to have a C4CPC cartridge.

This is pronounced CRTC cube.

It was praised for its awesome Music featuring some Electric Guitar sampled sounds, smooth animation and 16bit styled effects and palette, and really impressed Atari and Amiga fans at the compo.

Nominee at THE METEORIKS 2018 awards : BEST LOW-END PRODUCTION category.


- progressive GFX appearance

- 512 simultaneous colors plasma (with dithering)

- screen break opening

- 3D tunnel with progressive colors

- Big GFX distorsion with scrolling and vector ballz

- dots sprites, ending with 4 huge balls

- 320 colors GFX with hardware sprites for details

- Perspective tunnel with rasters (+120 colors) with 3D illuminated letters

- 64 colors high resolution wobbler

- textured rubber bar with many (dis)torsions

- 3D wasp with multi-layers offset mapping technic, combined with rasters and hardware scrolling

- variable font endscroll with fading and blended lines

Music featuring DMA sid voices all the time and samples from dots sprites part until the end

Can you find the cheatpart?



A lesson in coding and Tricks by Roudoudou himself : {{#ev:youtube|fVirsB6pYC8|784}}