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Important events related to the Amstrad CPC.



  • 1968: Amstrad gets founded
  • 2007-07: Amstrad taken over by BSkyB
  • 2008-07: Alan Sugar steps down as chairman of Amstrad



Operating systems and programming languages

Famous games (both CPC-only and ports)

  • 1986: Gauntlet released; well-known conversion of the popular arcade
  • 1986: Donkey Kong released; another arcade conversion for the CPC, and a really good one at that
  • 1986: Elite released; sci-fi trading game where you can freely roam the universe
  • 1986: Spindizzy released; isometric action/puzzle game
  • 1986: Turbo Esprit released; free-roaming driving simulation with (for the time) amazing graphical detail. The grandfather of modern games like the GTA series, except in GTA you play for the other side.
  • 1987: Gryzor released; side-scroller known for its nice graphics
  • 1987: Pirates! released; like Elite, it's set in a dynamic world where you can go where you want and become who you want to be
  • 1988: R-Type released; famous shoot-'em-up, unfortunately the CPC version had sub-par, Spectrum-like graphics, but gameplay was still faithful to the arcade.
  • 1989: Emlyn Hughes International Soccer released; pretty much the definitive soccer simulation for 8-bit/16-bit machines
  • 1990: Prince of Persia released; impressively fluid animation, the CPC version can hold its own here even against the Amiga.
  • 1990: Rick Dangerous 2 released; platformer with comic-style graphics
  • 1991: Turrican 2 released; run-and-gun with impressive graphics, mainly known as an Amiga game
  • 1992: Mega Blasters released; extremely popular game from the demo scene





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