Amtix, Issue 1, November 1985

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Issue 1 of Amtix


Highway Encounter, Dragontorc Of Avalon, Starion, Boulderdash, Laserwarp, Football Manager, Airwolf, Nonterraqueous, Juggernaut, Technician Ted, Roland In Space, Centre Court, Android One, Codename MAT, Astro Attack, Grand Prix Rally 2, World Cup, Alien 8, Dark Star, Chuckie Egg, Atom Smasher, Roland Ahoy!, Finders Keepers, Beach Head, Chopper Squad, Test Match Cricket, A View to a Kill, Sorcery Plus, Codename MAT II, Combat Lynx, Sir Lancelot, Oh Mummy, Chiller, Dun Darach, Roland in the Caves, Sultan's Maze, Handicap Golf, Software Star, Frank Bruno's Boxing, Braxx Bluff, Defend or Die

Game cheats/hints/maps

Dun Durach, Pyjamarama, Everyone's a Wally, Starion, Startstrike, Dragon Torc, The Rocky Horror Show, Fran Bruno's Boxing


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