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CPC file extensions

This list is a collection of file-extensions used on the Amstrad/Schneider CPC and CPC Plus computer range. It's not a collection of file-extensions used by PC systems for CPC related stuff.

Extension Explanations Programs that use this extenstion
$$$ Temporary Amsdos file amsdos
128 Soundtrakker 128KB music file Soundtrakker
64K FutureOS Main-memory program FutureOS
ACE Packed Windows archive ACE
ARC CP/M, Xexor ARC File format CP/M, Xexor ARC Format
ASM Assembler source code ASM.COM
AYC Derivate or converted YM music file AYCplayers
BAK Backup file most CPC-DOS
BAS Basic program AMSDOS
BAT Batch-File
BIN binary file AMSDOS
CCP Key definition for CP/M Plus CP/M 3.0
COM Executable CP/M or SymbOS-SymShell program CP/M, SymShell
CUT AMX Pagemaker Clipart AMX Pagemaker
DD* Device driver for GSX (CP/M Plus) CP/M 3.0
DEU German text
ENG English text
EXE EXE Executable file, SymbOS SymbOS
Fld Map file of a game GSED
FNT Font of AMX Pagemaker AMX Pagemaker
FRA French text
GEs Set of Graphic-elements GSED
H C header Small C i.e.
HED Header/Icon definition for FutureOS FutureOS
HGB FutureOS Wallpaper / Background Picture FutureOS
HLP Help file CP/M and others
INF AMX Pagemaker site AMX Pagemaker
INS Soundtrakker Instrument file Soundtrakker
MAC Makroassembler source code MAC.COM
MAX Maxam Source Code Maxam
MDL Digitracker Module Digitracker
MOD Crown Protracker Module or Amiga MO$D File Crown Protracker
MP3 MP3 Sound file FuturePlayer
OBJ Object Code CP/M
OVL Overlay parts of WordStar o.e. CP/M
PA1 AMX Pagemaker site (part 1) AMX Pagemaker
PA2 AMX Pagemaker site (part 2) AMX Pagemaker
PA3 AMX Pagemaker site (part 3) AMX Pagemaker
PA4 AMX Pagemaker site (part 4) AMX Pagemaker
PAL OCP Art Studio Palette The OCP Art Studio
PAS (Turbo-)Pascal source code Turbo Pascal
PRV AMX Pagemaker site (Preview) AMX Pagemaker
PRL page relocatable file see also GSX
RAR Packed Windows Archive
ROM Rom-File (16K) diff. (Pseudo-)/(EP)ROM Manager
PT3 Spectrum Protracker 3 Music SymAmp
SAV SymbOS screen saver SymbOS
SCR OCP Art Studio Screen The OCP Art Studio
SGX SymbOS graphic SymbOS
SID chiptune from C64 Geco's SID player
SKM compilated STarKos Module SymAmp
Skr Set of Scripts GSEd
SKS STarKos Module STarKos
SMC Executable C Program for FutureOS FutureOS
SND Soundtrakker 64KB Music Soundtrakker
Spr Set of Sprites FutureOS
ST2 Compilated Soundtrakker 128 Module SymAmp
SUB Submit/Batch file (CP/M) CP/M
SYS GSX file (CP/M) CP/M
VID SymbOS video SymPlay
WIN OCP Art Studio Clip The OCP Art Studio
WP Key definition for WordStar WordStar
X16 FutureOS Expansion RAM program FutureOS

PC / Emulator related file formats

Extension Explanations Programs that use this extenstion
CDT Tape image file format Arnold,CaPriCe, JavaCPC, WinCPC, WinApe
CPR CPC Plus cartridge file format Arnold,WinApe
DSC Disc image DSK-CPC
DSK Disc image Arnold,CaPriCe, JavaCPC, SymSnap, WinCPC, WinApe,DSK-CPC
SNA Machine snapshot image file format ACE, Arnold, CaPriCe, JavaCPC, SymSnap, WinCPC, WinApe
TAP Emulator tape image Roland
YM YM Music file YM-Player and others