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This is a list of all documents at, which can be transfered to the CPC-Wiki.

Please enter your name in front of each entry, which you have copied (or want to copy), and add a link to the cpcwiki article. Unfinished documents have to be marked, too.

Caution - a couple of unmarked articles seem to be already ported. So before copying text (which would be easy), search if the article already exists (which can be, unfortunately, much more complicated).



docs - basic

docs - emulation

docs - emulation - file_formats

docs - emulation - transfer

  • no title

docs - file_format

docs - firmware

docs - general

  • Selling Amstrad bits

docs - hardware

  • Resistor colour code information
  • Schneider/German CPC
  • mem
  • The 6845 Cathode Ray Tube Controller (CRTC)
  • [PRODATRON] I/O port allocation
  • Collision Detection
  • [nocash] Expansion ROM Selection Upper ROM Bank Number
  • Compatible disc drives
  • External Signals of the CPC/CPC+ and KC Compact
  • [nocash] AY-3-8912 PSG - How to access the PSG via PPI
  • Amstrad CPC Gate-Array
  • Interrupt Generation Facility of the Amstrad Gate Array
  • Composite Video Encoder
  • The 32k screen
  • "Cost-Down" CPC6128 and CPC464
  • Converting Documents Tips
  • Amstrad CPC Ram Paging
  • CPC hardware revisions
  • Calculating screen addressess
  • Connecting PC Drives to the CPC
  • [nocash] The CPC472 (with new pics on cpcwiki, proving that the chips aren't connected)
  • [nocash] Amstrad part numbers
  • Floppy disc controller and Floppy disc drives
  • Reading the keyboard and Joysticks
  • Furthur details of timing
  • Screen memory addressess
  • Reading high density discs
  • 8255 PPI
  • The 'Spectrum port'
  • [nocash] SP512 RAM expansion Vortex Expansions RAM card
  • Sprites
  • Display pixel data format
  • Signals used for I/O devices
  • Scanning tips
  • Timings
  • Furthur details of interrupt timing
  • Dynamic RAM Refresh
  • Additional information about the AY-3-8912
  • Interrupts on the CPC/CPC+ and KC Compact

docs - hardware - connectors

docs - hardware - cpc+

  • Extra CPC Plus Hardware Information
  • CPC+ Differences

docs - hardware - datasheet

  • General Instruments AY-3-8910/12/13 Programmable Sound Generator
  • uPD765A/uPD7265 Floppy Disc Controller
  • Motorola MC6845 Cathode Ray Tube Controller
  • UM6845 Cathode Ray Tube Controller
  • Hitachi HD6845 Cathode Ray Tube Controller
  • Datasheet for the 8255
  • Datasheet for the Z8536
  • Datasheet for the Z8536
  • INTEL 8272 Floppy Disc Controller

docs - hardware - datasheet - cpc+

docs - hardware - multiface2

  • Multiface 2 general file information
  • Introduction to the Multiface 2
  • Multiface 2 screen file format
  • Multiface 2 memory dump loader file format

docs - hardware - project

  • A list of games that use demo programming techniques
  • [nocash] Digiblaster
  • [nocash] D.I.Y "Codemasters CD" - this article described an unfinished and untested project whose goal has been to make something similar to (but not identical, and thus not compatible with) the Codemasters CD. The DIY schematic suggests to connect the CD player directly to joystick port, without any amplifier or A/D converter, which probably does not work on real hardware - for more info see: Codemasters CD (describing the REAL thing, not the DIY one)
  • [nocash] A lead to use PC game controllers on the CPC+/GX4000 - this article described an attempt to connect PC game controllers to the CPC+, the main idea was to exchange supply pin1 with pin5 - which would have fixed supply problems, but didn't work with the potentiometers which require POT common on pin1 of both PC and CPC+ - for more info see Analog Joysticks
  • Printer cable for the CPC
  • Aufrüstung eines CPC 464+ auf 128kB Ram
  • The parallel transfer cable
  • ABBA Drive Switch
  • Connecting the video output of the CPC or CPC+ to a SCART input
  • How To Make a Real Plus Out of a GX-4000!
  • [nocash] Reset Button (best recommended on pin40, not on pin41)
  • CPC464+ with 128kB RAM
  • Cassette lead
  • Side switch
  • A power supply for the CPC and CPC+

docs - hardware - schematic

docs - hardware - schematic - kccompact

docs - kccompact

  • [nocash] KC Compact System-Handbuch - pdf - System Handbook
  • [nocash] KC Compact Gerätebeschreibung - pdf - Technical Data and Pin-Outs
  • KC compact operating system rom dissassembly
  • [nocash] CC4001:DEMO KC Compact pdf
  • [nocash] CC6001:Spielebox 1 pdf
  • [nocash] CC6002:Spielebox 2 pdf
  • [nocash] CC6005:Spielebox 5 pdf
  • [nocash] CC7001:KOMPONIST pdf
  • [nocash] CC7002:GRAFIX pdf
  • [nocash] KC-compact viewed from top jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact viewed from right jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact viewed from back jpg
  • [nocash] KC Compact Advert Translation by Schlumpf
  • [nocash] KC Compact Advert Scanned jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact (On/Off Button, Joystick and Sound connections) jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact; top with aerial lead jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact viewed from back jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact (Power and Tape connections) jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact (Aerial, SCART and Printer connections) jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact; base (left) jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact; base (right) jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact; (Expansion connection) jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact; label on base jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact; aerial lead connector jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact; viewed from left jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact; top removed jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact; PCB jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact viewed from right jpg
  • [nocash] KC-compact viewed from top jpg
  • KC Compact Computer - This document describes the hardware and software differences.

docs - manuals

docs - manuals - soft158

docs - manuals - soft968

docs - programming

  • Storing data and/or code in the header of a disc file
  • no title
  • no title
  • Truth tables for logic operations
  • HOWTO* Multiplication with the Z80
  • Synchronising with the CRTC and display
  • no title
  • Fixed point numbers and fixed point arithmetic
  • no title
  • CPC Keyboard layout and codes by Bert Post Uiterweer
  • Dissassembly of the AMSDOS ROM
  • Dissassembly of the CPC+ version of AMSDOS
  • Dissassembly of the CPC6128 operating system ROM
  • Das Software Experiment - Inhalt
  • Das Software Experiment - Anhang
  • Das Software Experiment - Kapitel 10
  • Das Software Experiment - Kapitel 9
  • Das Software Experiment - Kapitel 8
  • Das Software Experiment - Kapitel 7
  • Das Software Experiment - Kapitel 6
  • Das Software Experiment - Kapitel 5
  • Das Software Experiment - Kapitel 4
  • Das Software Experiment - Kapitel 3
  • Das Software Experiment - Kapitel 2
  • Das Software Experiment - Kapitel 1

docs - project

  • Storing CPC tape software on a audio CD

docs - repair

  • Fault Diagnosis and Repair

docs - software

  • List of CPC+ (464+/6128+) and GX4000 games

docs - transfer

  • Cassette data information
  • Reading/Writing Spectrum+3 discs

docs - z80


source - cpc+

  • Setup CPC+ sprites
  • Splitting the screen using the CPC+ hardware
  • Saving the system cartridge of the CPC+
  • RLE hardware sprites (a method for fast update of animating hardware sprites)
  • Hardware scrolling the screen vertically using the CRTC and CPC+ pixel hardware scroll
  • Hardware scrolling the screen horizontally using the CRTC and CPC+ pixel hardware scroll

source - cpm

  • A simple 'Hello World' program for CP/M using BDOS
  • A simple 'Hello World' program for CP/M using BIOS
  • Executing firmware functions from within CP/M 2.1
  • Executing firmware functions from within CP/M+
  • Executing firmware functions from within CP/M 2.1 or C/PM+

source - firmware

  • Catalog a disc and retrieve a directory listing
  • Loading a file
  • Saving a file
  • Calling a RSX from outside of BASIC
  • Reading a sector from a disc
  • Writing a sector to disc
  • Formatting a track on a disc
  • An example to define a RSX
  • An example loader
  • Dumping the data of the lower rom (operating system)
  • Dumping the data of BASIC or AMSDOS or an expansion rom
  • A simple disc copier using BDOS functions
  • A simple disc formatter using BDOS functions
  • A simple file copier using firmware functions (copies byte-by-byte)
  • Reading and writing the boot sector of a SYSTEM/VENDOR disc
  • An example boot sector (executed with |CPM)
  • An example to write a file byte-by-byte
  • An example to read a file byte-by-byte
  • Plotting a sprite using character matrices
  • Using the firmware to display more than 16 colours on screen
  • Using the firmware to display more than one mode on screen
  • Example of a 50Hz (Vsync) interrupt using firmware

source - games

  • A procedure to generate a pixel mask used for drawing masked sprites

source - general

  • Scanning the keyboard and joysticks

source - generated

source - hack

  • Loading a file
  • Saving a file

source - hardware

  • Detecting a Amstrad or Vortex floppy disc controller
  • Example of a BAD keyboard scanning routine which doesn't work on CPC+
  • Fake interlace producing a fake 640x400 display

source - hardware - crtc

  • Distorting the screen using register 2 of the CRTC (Horizontal Sync Position)
  • Hardware scrolling the screen using the CRTC
  • Hardware scrolling the screen horizontally byte-by-byte using the CRTC

source - multiface2

  • Dumping the Multiface 2 ROM data

source - overscan

  • Overscan Example 1

source - raster

  • Simple Raster Example 1
  • Simple Raster Example 2 (uses CPC+ features)
  • Simple Raster Example 3 (uses CPC+ features)
  • Simple Split Raster Example 1

source - split

  • Example vertical-split/rupture

source - test

source - test - asic

  • Source to show the interrupt clear bug of the CPC+ ASIC

source - test - kccompact

  • Reprogramming the Z8536 CIO of the KC Compact to interrupt every scan-line

source - test - psg

  • Source code to show that some registers always return 0 in some bits
  • Source code to show it is possible to store data in PSG register 14 and 15 (port A and port B)
  • Source code to show it is possible to store data in PSG register 14 and 15 even if the port has been set to input
  • Source code to show that when a port is read in output mode; the data read will be ANDed with the inputs to that port
  • Source code to show 0x0ff is always returned when reading PSG port B

source - test - z80

  • Source code to show how to use Z80 Interrupt mode 2 (IM 2) on the CPC and KC Compact
  • Source code to show how to use Z80 Interrupt mode 2 (IM 2) on the CPC+

source - z80

  • A procedure to display a 8-bit number as binary
  • A procedure to display a 8-bit number as hex
  • A procedure to display a 8-bit number as decimal
  • Filling memory with a byte


download - contiki

  • Contiki OS 1.2 devel 1 source for Amstrad CPC[23-September-2008]-[923.2 KB]
  • Contiki OS 1.2 devel 1 binary for Amstrad CPC[23-September-2008]-[66.3 KB]

download - cpc

  • MYM player for CPC[23-September-2008]-[29.9 KB]
  • MYM player for CPC by Andy Cadley[23-September-2008]-[111.2 KB]

download - cpc - my_productions

  • Preview of CPC part of the 4096 colour demo[23-September-2008]-[ 7.1 KB]

4096 Colour demo for CPC+ (preview)[23-September-2008]-[ 6.5 KB]

  • Preview of a picture viewer using CPC+ hardware sprites[23-September-2008]-[12.4 KB]
  • My failed attempt at a 1K BASIC game[23-September-2008]-[ 3.2 KB]
  • Tunes by Big Alec/Delta Force transfered from ST to CPC[23-September-2008]-[21.7 KB]
  • Tunes by Lap/Next transfered from ST to CPC[23-September-2008]-[22.8 KB]
  • Tunes by Mad Max/TEX transfered from ST to CPC[23-September-2008]-[93.2 KB]

download - cpc+

  • Source code to the RP11 Diagnostic Cartridge (c) Amstrad plc 1990-2001. All rights reserved[23-September-2008]-[318.3 KB]

download - cpc+ - patch

  • Patch to allow Nirvana v1.1 to run on a CPC6128+[23-September-2008]-[ 4.4 KB]

download - crossdevelopment

  • DATA Maker tool[23-September-2008]-[ 6.7 KB]
  • CPC Palette and Image templates for GIMP image editor[23-September-2008]-[ 1.2 KB]

download - demos

  • 'Terrific Demo' by Cadjo Clan (Hacked)[23-September-2008]-[169.6 KB]
  • 'The Demo' by Logon Systems (Musical loader version)[23-September-2008]-[243.9 KB]

download - disc

  • Speedlock Macro-Dos Disc Operating System (C) 1990 Speedlock Associates[23-September-2008]-[23.5 KB]

download - dse

  • Programs for 'Das Software Experiment'[23-September-2008]-[59.9 KB]

download - emulator

  • Arnold Jnr[23-September-2008]-[495.5 KB]

download - emulator - amiga

  • A-CPC emulator for Amiga (includes source)[23-September-2008]-[1023.0 KB]

download - examples

  • A simple copier using BDOS functions[23-September-2008]-[ 7.2 KB]
  • A simple file copier using firmware functions[23-September-2008]-[ 3.5 KB]

download - general

  • A list of Amstrad related words which can be used in spellcheckers/wordprocessors/ocr programs[23-September-2008]-[166.2 KB]

download - kccompact

  • Demo (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1989[23-September-2008]-[22.5 KB]

download - kccompact - games

  • Spielbox 1 (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1989[23-September-2008]-[12.0 KB]
  • Spielbox 2 (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1989[23-September-2008]-[ 8.1 KB]
  • Spielbox 5 (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1990[23-September-2008]-[16.8 KB]
  • Spielbox 15 (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1990[23-September-2008]-[18.1 KB]

download - kccompact - roms

  • KC Compact System Roms[23-September-2008]-[26.5 KB]

download - kccompact - utils

  • Assmon assembler/monitor (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1989[23-September-2008]-[14.4 KB]
  • KC Pascal (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1989[23-September-2008]-[17.5 KB]
  • Grafik 1 (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1989[23-September-2008]-[15.1 KB]
  • Komponist (c) VEB Mikroelektronik 1990[23-September-2008]-[14.0 KB]

download - pcw

  • Source code to replacement bootstrap program for PCW system[23-September-2008]-[10.2 KB]

download - sdcc

  • An example program written in C[23-September-2008]-[60.0 KB]
  • Accessing the CPC hardware through C[23-September-2008]-[55.4 KB]
  • Peephole optimiser rules for SDCC[23-September-2008]-[ 1.8 KB]
  • SDCC's 'makebin' utility updated for making Amstrad CPC executables[23-September-2008]-[ 4.1 KB]
  • An example which uses makelnk tool to automatically generate a linker script[23-September-2008]-[59.1 KB]
  • The makelnk tool which creates a '.lnk' file from command-line parameters[23-September-2008]-[ 4.5 KB]
  • An example which uses SDCC to link the object files to make the final executable[23-September-2008]-[54.1 KB]
  • A replacement z80.lib for use with Amstrad CPC[23-September-2008]-[ 2.7 KB]
  • The make_labels tool which creates an assembly language file (for ASZ80 assembler) with the labels from a SDCC linker generated map file.[23-September-2008]-[ 7.0 KB]
  • SDCC linker source modified to generate relocation records[23-September-2008]-[15.7 KB]

download - test

  • NEC765 emulation tester[23-September-2008]-[101.5 KB]

download - tools

  • Advanced Art Studio picture viewer[23-September-2008]-[37.3 KB]

download - tools - amiga

  • CPC emulator tools for Amiga (was part of A-CPC package; includes source)[23-September-2008]-[228.6 KB]

download - tools - cartridge

  • CPR cartridge image creation tool with source[23-September-2008]-[11.0 KB]

download - tools - cdt

  • 2CDT Tape-Image creation tool[23-September-2008]-[39.8 KB]
  • CDTCHECK Tape-Image verification tool[23-September-2008]-[30.6 KB]
  • CDT test suite for emulators[23-September-2008]-[19.7 KB]08]-[134.8 KB]

download - tools - cpc

  • Advanced Art Studio patched for CPC+[23-September-2008]-[60.3 KB]

download - tools - development

  • A replacement TASM table which includes the undocumented Z80 instructions made by Andrew Cadley[23-September-2008]-[ 6.7 KB]
  • ADDHEAD tool[23-September-2008]-[24.4 KB]
  • BASLIST tool[23-September-2008]-[27.8 KB]
  • A blank DATA format disc[23-September-2008]-[ 1.9 KB]
  • A blank VENDOR/SYSTEM format disc[23-September-2008]-[ 1.9 KB]
  • A Z80 dissassembler (with source) by Roudoudou[23-September-2008]-[22.5 KB]

download - tools - disk_image

  • CPCXFS - a update to CPCfs to support more formats and extended disk images[23-September-2008]-[212.6 KB]
  • dskinfo - A tool to dump information about standard and extended disc images[23-September-2008]-[12.0 KB]